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Recycling Rules of Thumb Image
Recycling Rules of Thumb

It can be tough to know exactly what is and isn’t recyclable, so it’s best to avoid single-use plastics when you can!  Keep all recyclables empty, clean, and dry  Rigid and hard plastics are usually recyclable – throw out flimsy plastics  Chasing arrows doesn’t mean an item is recyclable Remember, each community has different recycling […]

The Truth About Recycling: 7 questions with the Recology Head of Sustainability Image
The Truth About Recycling: 7 questions with the Recology Head of Sustainability

In honor of this year’s Earth Month theme: “Planet vs. Plastics”, Julia Mangin, Head of Sustainability at Recology, recently sat down for a Q&A to dispel some of the myths around recycling, discuss the complexities around the recycling process, and explain the importance of contributing to the circular economy. Read on for Julia’s answers to […]

Rethinking waste: Recology’s methane reduction strategy Image
Rethinking waste: Recology’s methane reduction strategy

Landfills, the third-largest source of methane emissions globally, significantly contribute to the climate crisis. While the waste management industry traditionally relies heavily on landfills, an alternative approach that focuses on resource recovery—diverting material from landfills for recycling into new products or returning to the earth—is paramount in methane reduction. Reuters, Dec. 12, 2023. 

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Electronic Waste Drop Off Image
Electronic Waste Drop Off

Electronic waste, such as fluorescent tubes and consumer batteries, are prohibited from the trash. Drop off e-waste at the Sunnyvale SMaRT Station or the Mountain View Recycling Center.

Disposal Vouchers Image
Disposal Vouchers

Residents may exchange a cleanup appointment for a voucher to haul items directly to the SMaRT Station at no charge.

Learn About Recent Legislation Image
Learn About Recent Legislation

We work closely with city and state government to ensure that our shared sustainability goals are made possible. See what's new with business recycling regulations.